… to  make Olympics Tickets Available to Nigerians

The NIGERIA OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (NOC) has gone into partnership  with  KINGDOM  SPORTS GROUP an authorized ticket reseller to make Tokyo 2020 Olympics tickets available to Nigerians.

Speaking during a press conference in Abuja on Wednesday, President of the NIGERIA OLYMPIC COMMITTEE (NOC), ENGR. HABU GUMEL, said the Committee has perfected plans through a partnership to make tickets easily available to Nigerians who wants to attend the summer Olympics in TOKYO, JAPAN.

 According to GUMEL: “We met with the Minister of Youths and Sports Development and other ministry officials yesterday (Tuesday) and discussed what’s best for Nigerians  in terms of processing tickets for the games.

CEO of KINGDOM SPORTS GROUP, DANIEL BANISTON in his speech said he is in Nigeria to ensure that Nigerians travelling for the Olympic Games understands  the various ticketing packages such PLATINUM, GOLD and BRONZE  available through his company.

He said it was important for the company to explain the complexities involved in the ticketing programme for the Olympics.

In his words: “Previously within major sports events, people may have purchased their tickets from incorrect or illegal sources and as a result they won’t get entry into the stadium or secure entry visas.

“It is therefore important for the message to go out that tickets can only be purchased through official sources.

“Part of the rules and regulations for Tokyo 2020 is that the ticketing programme is heavily controlled by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Tokyo 2020 Local Olympic Committee” BANISTON said.

BANISTON stated further that Tokyo 2020 will be the biggest sporting event the world has ever seen and that the organisers were currently facing challenges of unprecedented demand for tickets.

“When Japan opened up the applications, there was 92 per cent of Japanese nationals alone who wanted to get tickets to the Games but couldn’t.

“Internationally, there are 20 times larger demands for Tokyo 2020 tickets than there were for London 2012. It goes to show how popular the Olympics have become” he said.

“Our company’s job is to ensure that as many Nigerians who want to make the trip to Tokyo secure Games tickets to cheer their athletes and have a memorable experience” he concluded.

Kingdom Sports Group, an International Olympics committee (IOC) and Tokyo 2020 LOC-accredited ATR has been involved in 11 Olympic Games and licensed to provide ticketing services in35 countries, including Nigeria.