The president of the NIGERIAN FOOTBALL FEDERATION NFF, MELVIN AMAJU PINNICKhas given his support to leaders of the South West zone of Nigerian Football during the WESTERN NIGERIAN FOOTBALL FORUM held in IBADAN, where the  ODUA  FOOTBALL LEAGUE logo and corporate identity was officially unveiled.

PINNICK who was  physically  present at the occasion, lauded both the concept and the work so far done, saying the move was in the right direction and challenged  other zones to emulate and create a healthy competition for which Nigerian Football will be the ultimate beneficiary.

Chairman of the Forumand NFF 1st Vice President SEYI AKINWUNMI, revealed that the idea was conceptualized at a meeting of the SOUTH WEST FORUM in Abeokuta in 2015.

The ODUA FOOTBALL LEAGUESwould have U15, U17 and U20 categories at the youth level, with the U23 sector being the Premier League to which the youth teams’ players will aspire.