GREENFIELD ASSETS LIMITED using its special purpose vehicle; the NATIONAL SPORTS FESTIVAL MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT COMPANY would create sports camp for 100,000 Nigerian youths as part of   its POST- NATIONAL SPORTS  FESTIVAL  events  according to its group Managing Director , DR PAUL OBANUA while delivering a speech during the unveiling of the logo and mascot for the 2018 NATIONAL SPORTS FESTIVAL NSF in Abuja, Nigeria.

OBANUA said the sports camp which will begin in February 2019 would help process prospective athletes and also serve as a production line for Nigeria to churn out sports talents for various sporting events.

Speaking further, OBANUA  said the desire to create a platform for the teeming youths to showcase their talents and also make up for the loses in both talents and opportunities suffered by the country due to a six year break  in the hosting of the NATIONAL SPORTS  FESTIVAL gave rise to a partnership between  GREENFIELD ASSETS LIMITED and the FEDERAL MINISTRY OF SPORTS AND YOUTHS DEVELOPMENT to rebrand and reposition the festival using cutting edge marketing and management principles through the NATIONAL SPORTS FESTIVAL MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT COMPANY. He said the partnership which will be for a period of 10 years would cover 5 editions of the games.

According to OBANUA, the NATIONAL SPORTS FESTIVAL MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT COMPANY will collaborate with world leading marketing company to rebrand and deliver a sports festival of the highest quality comparable to the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE.

The 19th edition of the NATIONAL SPORTS FESTIVAL NSF which will feature 37 events with over 10,000 athletes and officials will hold between 6-16th of December 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria.