SENEGALESE star IBRAHIMA  DIAW  who is making his  debut at the ITTF AFRICA cup  has shown what he can do with his unbeaten run before losing by a slim margin to NIGERIA’S  ARUNA QUADRI at quarter finals of the AFRICA CUP holding in Lagos, Nigeria

According to him “I am really impressed with the quality of play coupled with the organization showed,  Africa has come of age .

“The condition of play is very good just like what obtains in Europe and I am really  happy making my first debut at the continental tournament” He said.

 The Denmark based star believes he has the  opportunity  and  chance  to conquer Africa.

“ I think I have the  chance in this competition because I am playing very well but losing to ARUNA QUADRI is a heartbreak for me and I really felt disappointed” .

“Everyone is also playing well but I’m here to make a name for myself and do my country proud” IBRAHIMA concluded.