President of LADIES’ GOLF ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (LGAN), MRS EKANEM EKWUEME has advised women of all ages and status to embrace the sport of golf as “golf is life”.

Speaking to our reporter in Abuja  on Thursday during the 2-DAY ANTI-DOPING SEMINAR organised by the MINISTRY OF YOUTHS AND SPORTS DEVELOPMENT, EKWUEME said women should take up the game to develop into and all round individual and also build the necessary networks.

In her words “they should look at golf as life”

“it grows your network and helps your body outside and inside”

“I want to encourage every lady to take up golf”

“I am a living example, I have been playing golf for 17years” She concluded.

Speaking further on the activities of the LADIES’ GOLF ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA, EKWUEME said the association just concluded the WEST AND CENTRAL AFRICAN CHALLENGE TROPHY in IKEJA, LAGOS where Nigeria won overall, the INTERNATIONAL  WOMEN’S GOLF WEEK coming up on JUNE 4 2019 and the NIGERIAN LADIES OPEN billed for November 14-17th, 2019.

She also mentioned the free monthly GOLF CLINIC for ladies who want to be part of golf.

When asked about the ANTI-DOPING SEMINAR and the relationship to golf, EKWUEME stated that golf is a sport that requires technique rather than power, therefore issues of doping is rare in golf.

However she advised athletes to shun any form of doping in order to boost their performance rather they should embrace the taking of good and balanced diet to boost their strength.