Indian cricket team captain, VIRAT KOHLI says INDIA’S team will stand by the decision of their “government and the BBCI (BOARD OF CONTROL FOR CRICKET IN INDIA)   over whether to boycott the World Cup game against Pakistan according to the BBC.

The two countries are scheduled to meet on 16 June at the ICC WORLD CUP in ENGLAND but there are doubts the match will take place after a Pakistan-based militant group took responsibility for a suicide attack in Indian-administered Kashmir.

At least 46 Indian paramilitary police were killed in an attack which has sparked anger and anti-Pakistan protests across India, although Pakistan has denied any involvement.

“Our stand is simple: we stick by what the nation wants to do and what the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) decides to do”.

The BCCI has also called on the INTERNATIONAL CRICKET COUNCIL ICC to “sever ties with countries from which terrorism emanates”.

INDIA have won six consecutive matches against PAKISTAN in  CRICKET WORLD CUPS.

Earlier the INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE suspend applications from INDIA to host future events after two Pakistan athletes were denied visas to compete in the country for a world cup event in NEW DELHI.

The cricket world cup will hold from 30TH MAY 2019 – 14TH JULY 2019   in ENGLAND and WALES.